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For Buyers

The Kent Swigard Team makes hunting simple.

STEP ONE – Let’s get in touch so we can learn precisely what your dream house looks like. The more we learn about your specific desires and requirements, the better able we’ll be in helping you to find and acquire the perfect home.

Click here so we can start the process!

STEP TWO – As a lender once told me long ago, if you’re going hunting, remember to carry ammunition! When it comes to hunting for homes, the equivalent of carrying ammunition is to get pre-approved for your loan.  That way, when the right house comes into our sights, we’ll be ready to pull the trigger!

Click here find out how to contact my favorite lender, David Greene of Movement Mortgage!

STEP THREE – We begin the hunt! We’ll be previewing houses currently available and taking you to tour those that meet your criteria. If we’re successful early in the game, great! If not, we’ll be all over the internet and making the most of our networking resources to make sure we’re ready when the right house hits the market. You get to help in the process to whatever degree you feel comfortable, using John L. Scott’s state-of-the-art search engines.

Click here to check out our search capabilities!

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