Orthodox Resources in Seattle:

Orthodox Synagogues
Seattle has a variety of Orthodox synagogues, including Ashkenaz, Chabad and Sephardic. Some of our congregations have been serving the community for over 100 years.
http://seattlevaad.org/community-resources/  Click on “Synagogues” tab

Orthodox Schools
When it comes to education, Seattle offers an excellent choice of highly ranked Jewish schools offering Judaic and secular studies.
http://seattlevaad.org/community-resources/ Click on “Jewish Schools” tab

Kosher Dining
For eat-in or takeout, there are several options to choose from as well as catering services for your next simcha.
http://seattlevaad.org/kosher-portfolio/ Click on the “Restaurants” tab

Kosher Shopping
There are several supermarkets, grocery stores and specialty stores conveniently located throughout the city featuring kosher packaged goods, local products as well as fresh meat and fish. Be sure to check the Seattle Va’ad (link below) for current kashrus news.
http://seattlevaad.org/kosher-portfolio/ Click on the “Grocery” tab

Eruv Information
Seattle has three eruvim: one is in the Seward Park neighborhood, the second is in the north end, and Mercer Island has an eruv as well. Be sure to check the status prior to Shabbos at the eruv website.
http://seattlevaad.org/community-resources/ Click on “Life Cycle/ Ritual” tab and scroll to the bottom

Mikvah Information
There are three mikvaot in Seattle: in Seward Park, the north end and on the east side. For hours, phone numbers and further information:
http://seattlevaad.org/community-resources/ Click on the “Life Cycle/Ritual” tab

Seattle is well known for its hospitality. For those who need a place for Shabbat, kindly call as much in advance of your visit as possible, to give hosts time to prepare for your visit.
http://seattlevaad.org/community-resources/  Click on “Hospitality” tab

Seattle Kollel
The Seattle Kollel offers Jewish learning for every level at its facility in Seward Park, at the West Seattle Torah Learning Center and at locations throughout the city and beyond. See the website for classes, programs and other opportunities.

Seattle Vaad
The Va’ad HaRabanim of Greater Seattle provides a variety of services including kashrut supervision, updates, general information and rabbinic resources for specific information.

Thoughts on The Weekly Parsha
For a vast selection of inspirational divrei Torah, here’s an excellent website:

Seattle Jewish Wall Calendar
Click Here to send an email to request a copy of the The Kent Swigard Team’s annual wall calendar, including local candle lighting times and key community phone numbers.

The Seattle Jewish Bulletin Board

This board is for people to list items for sale, things they want to donate, things they are seeking (not mates…), kashrut finds, employment notices, Simcha announcements and general announcements about upcoming events of specific interest to the Orthodox Jewish community.   To take a look, click here

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